Higher Resolution Improves Top-Down Protein Identification on Orbitrap Mass Spec for Large Proteins

David Horn - Product Manager, Biosoftware

David Horn presents his scientific poster on the necessity for high mass resolution (more than 200,000) for confidence in identification of proteins above 40kDa using yeast enolase. The comparison between various resolution settings for both direct infusion and LC-MS/MS data are shown, using the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap mass spectrometer to improve confidence and sequence coverage for identification of larger proteins.

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Understanding Cancer through Proteomics

Danny Hills makes a case for the next frontier of cancer research: proteomics, the study of proteins in the body.

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Using SwissProt database to search for a specific protein

Resume Writing Services Boston Ma In this tutorial i'll be showing how to use the SwissProt database to search for a specific protein, also all the informations about it in the database (Sequence, Function....etc), for more informations about this topic or bioinformatics topic in general, please visit: http://bioinformatics-made-easy.blogspot.com/

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FTICR-MS Tutorial

http://www.dekart.com/?writing-custom-tags Writing Custom Tags FTICR-MS: Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry. An MS configuration that detects signals on metal plates from electrical currents produced by ion oscillations.

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GELFrEE Tutorial #1

Thesis Writers In Pakistan Dr. Alan Doucette explains GELFrEE

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GELFrEE Tutorial #2

Dr. Alan Doucette explains GELFrEE

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GELFrEE Tutorial #3

Dr. Alan Doucette explains GELFrEE

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Analysis of Intact Proteins in Complex Mixtures using Online Fragmentation

Business Description In A Business Plan Shannon Eliuk presents this scientific poster about a complete top down proteomics workflow from sample preparation to data analysis. This robust and sensitive method for identification and characterization of proteins in a mixture uses a variety of fragmentation techniques including CID, HCD, and ETD, with a Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Elite high-field Orbitrap mass spectrometer.

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Creating KaSil fritted columns

This tutorial explains how to pack your own KaSil fritted columns.