61st ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics

Help On A Essay 09 June 2013 - 13 June 2013

61st ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics

Buy Sell Business Plan The program begins on Sunday, June 9 with tutorial lectures at 5:00 pm and the opening session and plenary lecture at 6:45 pm. A Welcome Reception in the poster/exhibit hall will follow. Monday through Thursday will be full program days of concurrent oral sessions, poster sessions, and workshops. Poster sessions are scheduled 10:30 am to 2:30 pm to allow four hours of viewing. The program will conclude on Thursday, June 13 with a plenary lecture followed by a Closing Gala at the Convention Center (ticket required).

Top Down Presentations

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MOH-am 9:30 103 K. Breuker Characterization of Modified RNA by Top Down Mass Spectrometry
MOB-pm 2:30 L100 M. Gross Fragmenting Intact Macromolecules and Protein Assemblies: Native ESI and Top-down MS for Protein Biophysics and Analysis
MOB-pm 2:50 L100 Y. Ge Top-down Mass Spectrometry Enabled Cardiac Proteomics for Understanding Heart Failure
MOB-pm 3:10 L100 A. Marshall Unequivocal Determination of Site-Specific Protein Disulfide Bond Reduction Potentials by Top-Down FT-ICR MS/MS
MOB-pm 3:30 L100 B. Ganisl Detailed characterization of complex protein and RNA modification patterns by top-down mass spectrometry
MOB-pm 3:50 L100 L. Fornelli Antibody characterization by top-down and middle-down electron transfer dissociation using a high-field Orbitrap FTMS
MOB-pm 4:10 L100 A. Catherman Comprehensive Top Down Proteomics of Human Cells: The Role of Mitochondria and Membrane Proteins in Cellular Senescence
TOH-am 8:30 103 L. Dekker An integrated top-down and bottom-up proteomic approach to characterize antibodies
TOH-am 8:50 103 W. Jabs In-depth Mass Spectrometry Characterization of Therapeutic Antibodies for Efficient Biosimilar Development
TOB-am 9:10 L100 A. Kiss Mass Spectrometry Imaging with a LAESI hybrid iontrap FT-ICR mass spectrometer
TOH-am 9:30 103 W. Wang An Online Top-down Mass Spectrometry Based Strategy Aimed at Complete De novo Sequencing of Monoclonal Antibodies
TOH-am 9:50 103 S. Hengel Micro-Scale Native Top-Down LCMS of Cysteine-Linked Antibody-Drug Conjugates
TOH-pm 2:50 103 M. ElNaggar Applications of an in situ Microextraction Based Surface Sampling System to Microorganism Analysis
TOA-pm 4:10 Ex Hall A J. Shaw Intact Protein Characterization by 193 nm Ultraviolet Photodissociation in an Orbitrap Elite
WOE-am 8:30 Aud. E. Nikolaev The way to isotopic resolution of mega Dalton protein mass spectra for top-down proteomics
WOD-pm 3:30 Ball A J. Savaryn Quantifying Proteoforms using High-Throughput Top-Down Proteomics for Cell-Based Biomarker Discovery
WOB-pm 3:50 L100 R. LeDuc Using Prior Knowledge to Improve Scoring in High-Throughput Top-Down Proteomics Experiments
ThOA-am 9:10 Ex Hall A C.C. Hsu  Microscopy Guided Atmospheric Ionization In Situ Top-Down Protein Mass Spectrometry
ThOB-pm 3:50 L100 J. Chamot-Rooke

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